On our farm we produce a full line of exceptional cultured dairy products year round:
Whole milk, nonfat and maple sweetened yogurts, nonfat cultured buttermilk
and reduced fat kefir in maple and plain. We use only high quality jersey cow milk, live cultures, never thickeners used or needed. We also bottle and sell delicious Sweet Jersey cream and offer cheddar cheese made from our cows' milk. Ask your favorite local market about these products and if you are in Vermont or New Hampshire some of our more seasonal products such as dry beans, oats, spelt and
sunflower oil may be available to you as well.

Kefir plain

Kefir maple

Heavy cream


Maple Yogurt

Plain Yogurt

Lemon Yogurt

Vanilla Yogurt

Whole Yogurt

Corn meal

Wheat berries

Whole wheat flour

Spelt Rye and various other grains